See How...

You Can Have the Application Security You Want Without Slowing Down Your Developers.


A new way to AUTOMATE and ENFORCE governance in the tools you use today.

Policy, security and licensing information guides developers to select the best components in their development environment.

Shown: CLM for Eclipse (other IDEs supported)


REMEDIATE RISK early in the process to reduce risk and cost.

Start with the best components to prevent downstream problems. Fix application flaws with a single click.


CENTRALIZE POLICIES to ensure license and security risks are managed throughout the software lifecycle.

Security, licensing and architecture policies are easily defined and enforced throughout the software lifecycle.


PRECISELY IDENTIFY and track all components used in your organization, from consumption to production.

Accurate and comprehensive component inventory provides visibility across the software lifecycle.

Shown: CLM for Nexus (other repository managers supported)


TRULY ACHIEVE defense-in-depth with enforcement points throughout the software lifecycle.

The CLM model for component governance automates policy management and approvals throughout the software lifecycle with enforcement points in the repository, IDE and CI Server.


STREAMLINE DEVOPS efforts with release management policies.

Security, licensing and architecture policies govern build promotion and staging using Nexus Pro CLM Edition.


PROTECT your production applications with proactive alerts for newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Newly discovered threats are continuously reported ensuring trust from design through production.


ASSESS ENTERPRISE RISK and support your compliance and regulatory initiatives.

Dashboards and reports provide a complete view of global risk supporting regulatory and compliance initiatives.